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Criminal Defense Attorney Practice Areas

At The Law Office Of Peter Larato we handle a full range of criminal defense cases.

Domestic Violence Charges
Crimes against persons: Assault, Child abuse, Domestic
violence, Extortion, Harassment, Kidnapping, Menacing,
Reckless endangerment, Stalking.

check fraud criminal defense attorney Denver Colorado
Crimes against property: Arson, Burglary. Check fraud,
Forgery, Fraud, Theft, Trade secrets, theft of, Trespass
Crimes against. Bribery government, Escape, False
reporting, Impersonation, Obstructing, Resisting arrest,
Tampering with a witness.

Offenses prosecuted under the Children's Code

drug charges criminal defense attorney Denver Colorado
Crimes involving Possession or Distribution of a
controlled substance:
Possession of a controlled
substances, Distribution of a controlled substance

Traffic offenses: Driving under the influence DUI,
Driving while ability impaired DWAI, Driving after revocation
prohibited, Driving under restraint, Reckless driving,
Careless driving.

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